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Are you always learning?

This past winter, we took part in a business accelerator program through a local organization called EforAll.

The EforAll Accelerator Program is a free, one-year program offered twice a year in each of our communities. This program offers a unique combination of immersive business training, mentorship and access to an extended professional network. Anyone with a dream to start or grow a business or nonprofit is encouraged to apply. [EforAll website]

As business owners, we know our services and skills inside and out. We knew we needed more education on the foundation of running a business – finances, legalities, projections, taxes, etc. This program gave us that, and then some.

We went through this program with 14 other entrepreneurs/businesses, and it was amazing to see the growth everyone saw throughout the entire 3 months of intense (no… really…. INTENSE) curriculum. The program is still going on for another 8 months, and it is incredible to see our projections come to fruition!

In addition to ALL of the learning… there was a chance to win some grant money. We knew it would be a long shot, the entrepreneurs we were in the program with were doing AMAZING things, and honestly, we were just so happy to have been accepted to the program, to begin with.

Well, we took a swing at it… and we are happy to announce that we did win in the first round of funding! We were one of 5 businesses that won in this first round, and we are HONORED to be recognized!

Thanks to Henry Marte from Marte Media for the photoshoot with the group on that freezing day:

Murgio Enterprises eForAll
Kelly Murphy
Author: Kelly Murphy