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5 Signs That It’s Time to Hire an OBM

Wondering if you should hire an Online Business Manager? Here are 5 tell-tale signs that it may be time for you to add an OBM to your team. 1. Your business is growing while your own free-time is shrinking. I’m betting you started your business to create more freedom in your life. Freedom of time, […]

Are you an Expander or a Container?

Every business needs two types of people – an Expander and a Container. The Expander is the one with the big ideas – the visionary. The Expander tends to live in the future, with visions of what is possible running through their mind and lots of ideas. This person is often the entrepreneur/CEO of the […]

Do you need a VA or an OBM?

You know you need help, but you aren’t quite sure… do you need the help of a VA (virtual assistant) or is it time to hire an OBM (online business manager)? First, let’s take a look at the key differences between a VA and an OBM. Doing vs. Managing The role of a virtual assistant […]

EP 14 | Price vs. Value: What To Expect When Hiring A Team

In this episode, we’re talking about price vs. value, and what that means when it comes to hiring a team for your business. We are talking about hiring overseas contract workers, the difference between a virtual assistant and a tech virtual assistant, and make suggestions for other team members to hire in order to round […]

Top 10 Things To Delegate To A Virtual Assistant

In this episode, we unpack one of the biggest questions and concerns that we hear from clients and potential clients: “what can I delegate to a virtual assistant?”. There are hundreds of tasks that virtual assistants can help entrepreneurs / business owners with, but on today’s show, we talk about the top 10 to get […]

The ABC’s Of Us

In this episode, we take a step back and introduce ourselves, how we started Murgio Enterprises, and what we do. Even though we are all the way at episode 10, we thought it was important to take time to do this. We hope that this gives you a little insight into your two hosts, and […]