Facebook announces timeline changes that might actually make you happy - come learn more!

This week, Facebook released some new information regarding its algorithm, and how it may be changing. Based on results from surveys they conducted, users should see more posts from people that they interact with on a more regular basis. How much do we love it when Facebook announces timeline changes that actually make us happy?

But wait, this DOES NOT mean that we need to resurrect the “Facebook is only showing me posts from 25 of my friends!” cry for help, but it DOES mean that likely you will start seeing more of your friends posts.

“This doesn’t mean News Feed will be limited to posts from only certain people and it doesn’t mean you will necessarily see more friend content. Rather, you will likely see posts from those you have close relationships with higher up in your News Feed.”

Facebook promises that they will continue to survey people to see how their actions have changed over time, and plans to adjust the algorithm as their users change.

What does this mean for businesses that have a Facebook Page? Well, they will be doing the same thing with Pages and what links are floated to the top of timelines. It will not only be limited to Page updates, but also what TYPE of updates users prefer (could be video, graphic posts, etc.).

“These changes aren’t meant to show more or less from Pages or friends. Rather, the Page links that are surfaced to people will be ones they find worth their time — and the friend posts will be from friends people want to hear from most.”

So, how does this sit with you?

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