Facebook To Restrict Facebook Live For Rule Violators

In the wake of the Christchurch tragedy, which was unfortunately shared on social media, today we’ve learned that plans for Facebook to restrict Facebook Live for rule violators are going into place almost immediately.

“Today we are tightening the rules that apply specifically to Live. We will now apply a ‘one strike’ policy to Live in connection with a broader range of offenses. From now on, anyone who violates our most serious policies will be restricted from using Live for set periods of time – for example 30 days – starting on their first offense. For instance, someone who shares a link to a statement from a terrorist group with no context will now be immediately blocked from using Live for a set period of time.”

Only time will tell how effective these steps will be, but kudos to Facebook for acting swiftly to ATTEMPT to stop this from happening again.

They have also invested $7.5 million into new research which will help “improve image and video analysis technology” (Facebook).

Fingers crossed we see a difference!

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