Online Business Management

Hitting a wall just thinking about your daily to-do list? Can’t find the time to communicate with your team, but know you need to? Have no idea how your marketing efforts are doing, because you have no time to check your metrics? You might need an Online Business Manager (OBM).

Here are just a few of the tasks we can assist with:

  • Running the day-to-day activities
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Systems, Procedures, & Metrics
  • Launch Management
  • Strategy Implementation

We support you so you can focus on your clients!

Customer Support / Client Concierge

We know that technical stuff can be overwhelming, so let us help you untangle it all!

Here are some of the things we can help with!

  • Scheduling Email Campaigns
  • Newsletter / Email List Management
  • Customer Service
  • Internal / External Communication
  • Setting up and maintaining CRM Systems
  • Podcast Management

Marketing & Administrative Tasks

Have some tasks that are bogging you down? Here are some of the things we can help cross off your list:

  • Podcast Management
  • Setting up and maintaining CRM Systems
  • Social Media scheduling, engagement, & community management
  • Reputation management
  • Social Media set-up

NOTE: We do NOT specialize in Facebook or Instagram Ads, nor are we social media content writers (we know our strengths, and these are NOT them).

We are NOT your ideal agency if you are an emerging business owner looking to get start-up support and advice. We ARE your ideal agency if you KNOW you NEED to delegate, and are READY to delegate!

In order for us to be ideal for YOU, we have to immerse ourselves in your business, and that takes TIME. We do not work FOR you, we work WITH you!

“I went from being all over the place to having a plan!”

I was all over the place with my social media. Taking the haphazard approach to putting up content on my Facebook Page and Instagram on a whim and as time permitted. I knew I needed a strategy and action plan, but I wasn’t sure what to do.

VFM’s Social Media Strategy Assessment came along at the perfect time. Not only did they show me where I needed to focus my time, but they gave me a customized social media strategy for my business and goals. Shortly after the assessment I hired them to help me bring my strategy to life.

Thanks to Virtually Focused Media, I now have a plan, my posts have more engagement than ever before and I know I’m growing my online community through deliberate focus and action.

VFM’s amazing to work with and they are brilliant social media strategists. Don’t think twice about working with them!

“Bringing you on as part of my team is one of the  the best investment i’ve ever made in my business.”

Thank you so much for everything that you do. I cannot tell you how amazing the last 24 hours has been taking some time away from business. I literally have not turned on my work computer yet.

Part of the reason that can happen is because the two of you are around, have the reins, help me grow my business, take care of my customers, and ALL OF THE THINGS. I wanted to say how much i so appreciate the two of you.

Bringing you on as part of my team is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business and I hope you know that! I’m just so grateful!

“They turned something that was so painful and frustrating into something that was done!”

I’d been working to launch my website. I could have opted to muddle through the unfamiliar of WordPress and struggle to make the edits I needed, or find someone who knew what they were doing to get it done. Kelly & Melissa got it done in a FRACTION of the time I would have been able to do it. They cleaned up things I needed, and now the site is live!

They turned something that was so painful and frustrating into something that was done! It was a delight to work with them!

“I knew my clients would be well taken care of”

I recently arranged for Virtually Focused Media to handle projects for two clients. In both cases, we needed website edits and integrations. I’ve known Kelly & Melissa for many years and have always known them to be professional and reliable. I was excited to learn about all the types of projects they can handle as I knew my clients would be well taken care of. I will definitely be reaching out to them for future projects!

“You will get high quality, fast, professional, friendly and dependable service and results!”

Kelly and Melissa stand out because they offer a team approach and each of them brings a different but related and integrated skill set to the table. Working with them has made me happier because I know that once I hit “send” on the email to them with the current project, they are “on it” and will reach out if they need clarification or input. And, when they’re done with the task at hand, they let you know. Voila! All taken care of while I am off running my business and focusing on our future growth plan!

I recommend working with Virtually Focused Media because you will get high quality, fast, professional, friendly and dependable service and results! If you are looking to expand your business or you simply need some occasional support with tasks and projects, this VA team IS your answer. They are flexible, approachable, easy to work with, funny and friendly!

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