Want a complete picture on all that is happening behind the scenes in your business?

What if you could get a comprehensive snapshot of your team, systems & processes, delivery of service to your clients, sales & marketing and urgent priorities?

Space is limited, we only take on a select few projects at a time so that we can be dedicated to YOUR business!

Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • I know I need to hire help, but want to be strategic about who I bring onto my team.
  • I don’t have a clear idea of what each team member is doing based on their role.
  • I’d love to see where I have gaps in my team or process.
  • My team never knows if they’re doing well or not, they need goals and metrics.
  • I’m not sure if I’m using the right tools and systems for my business.
  • I want to be able to take a vacation, but I do not feel confident enough to leave the business in my teams hands – I have no processes written out. 
  • I’m doing so many different things when it comes to marketing, I have no idea what is working and what is not.
  • My clients are always telling me they can’t find something in their portal, It’s frustrating!
  • I need to figure out my top priorities!

Our “Assess & Align Your Business” option will help you get a full picture of your business, team, marketing, systems, and processes! This project takes approximately one week to complete, from operations review to feedback from us!

How It Works

Apply: Our short form will allow us to get to know a little about you, your business, and your team. 

Book A Time: Getting scheduled is next! Apply for one of our assessment spots, and once confirmed (we reply ASAP), we will reach out and get your day BOOKED!

Pre-Session Prep: This prep will allow us to maximize the time we have together on your day! It gives us an idea of what you might already have in place, and also your values, mission, and vision for your business. 

“Day Of” schedule:

  • Before: we will start with a 90-minute session via Zoom to complete the assessment. This is a conversation between you and us, and there are NO wrong answers! 
  • During: our team will spend the next few days pouring over your information, and will then create a report for you with all of the information, documenting our recommendations for your top 1-3 priorities, some clear measures of success for you and your team, and a list of procedures that we recommend that you create for your business. 
  • After: we’ll schedule another 90-minute Zoom session so we can present your report to you, explain how to utilize it, and then send you off feeling confident and ready to guide your team and your business!

This Assessment is for you if:

  • You have hired a team, but feel as though there are still gaps that need to be filled
  • You haven’t had a chance to sit down to create clear measures of success for each team member (or even yourself)
  • There are still too many projects on your plate keeping you from serving your clients
  • You are using systems, but are not sure if they are the right ones for the team or your business
  • You know you need processes and procedures, but not sure where to start
  • Clients are consistently asking for help for the same things, and you know they could be automated
  • Team members are missing deadlines
  • Metrics are not being tracked
  • Clients are unhappy or confused with your process
  • You are not sure if your marketing efforts are working

Not knowing the big picture with your business will hold you back from reaching your goals, and as a business owner we know that’s one of your biggest struggles!

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then this is indeed the service for you. With only FOUR spots available each month, you will want to make sure you get on our calendar TODAY!

Let’s get a CLEAR picture of your business and your team, so that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals!

“Bringing you on as part of my team is one of the  the best investment i’ve ever made in my business.”

Thank you so much for everything that you do. I cannot tell you how amazing the last 24 hours has been taking some time away from business. I literally have not turned on my work computer yet.

Part of the reason that can happen is because the two of you are around, have the reins, help me grow my business, take care of my customers, and ALL OF THE THINGS. I wanted to say how much i so appreciate the two of you.

Bringing you on as part of my team is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business and I hope you know that! I’m just so grateful!

Here’s What You Will Walk Away With

A complete picture of the business:

  • Assessment of your team, their role’s, what is going well vs. not well, and recommendations for hiring needs
  • Deep dive into your current systems, including recommendations for standard operating procedures and additional tools or systems
  • Review of your marketing efforts, including your target market, review of leads, programs, services, and price points
  • Assessment of customer journey, making sure that things are running smoothly and automated when needed
  • Review of urgent needs in the business, including things that may be keeping you up at night
  • Recommendations on 3 priorities for the business for the next 90 days, and also for any processes and procedures that should be documented for the business
  • Discussion on clear measures of success for team and business

Why Us?

As Online Business Managers, we spend our days helping business owners and their entire team reach the goals of the business, all by ensuring every decision made goes through the filter of the mission and values of the company

  • With one of us having a Masters in Communication/Digital Media AND the other having a Masters in Marketing/Social Media, we have the skills and education to get this done
  • After every project that we work on, we take note of what works and what doesn’t work, and take that knowledge to the next project
  • Bottom line, we want to see you succeed. When you succeed, that means we have done our job
  • We’ll treat your business like it was our own
  • We will make this process as fun and painless as possible!

Got Questions?

We’re Here to Answer Them….

What is the refund policy? 

Due to the time and scope of work, we do not offer refunds. 

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my Assessment?

As stated above, these sessions are non-refundable, but you can reschedule your VIP Day for another available date with 24 hours notice. We request that you complete this project within 90 days of the original date. 

Will I only have to do this assessment once?  

Scheduling this first one is a huge step! Many business owners like to do this once a year, just to see how things have changed, and to make sure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Wait! I have more questions that are not addressed in this FAQ!

Book a free consultation by selecting a time on our calendar to ask your questions about our Assess & Align Your Business service.


Email us at hello@murgiollc.com and we’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you have.