Creating A Healthy Relationship With Your Business with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

EP 21 | Creating A Healthy Relationship With Your Business with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

In this episode, we are back with Nicole Lewis-Keeber, business therapist and mindset coach, to talk about a multitude of topics surrounding money mindset, and how our childhood shapes how we show up in our business. Nicole has done the work when it comes to trauma (small “t” and big “t” trauma), and shares with us how she works with entrepreneurs to build emotionally sustainable & financially stable businesses.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also talk about how the pandemic showed up with leaders, and how they are leading through the crisis. We really did a deep dive on how the pandemic messed with us as human beings and business owners. Business as usual was NOT a thing in 2020.

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Nicole Lewis-Keeber MSW LCSW is a business therapist and mindset coach who works with entrepreneurs to create and nurture healthy relationships with their businesses. She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters in Social Work and has a rich and varied experience as a therapist. 

Certified in Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead™ methodology, she’s also been featured on numerous media outlets including Fast Company and NPR for her work in breaking the stigma of mental health and business ownership. She writes and speaks about the impact of small “t” trauma on businesses but her biggest, more important work is in combining therapeutic processes with business coaching to help entrepreneurs build emotionally sustainable & financially stable businesses

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