Welcome to #entrepreneursontherun!

On May 11th, Chez Fridhi will be teaming up with Murgio Enterprises to embark on a 1,000-mile+ road trip along the East Coast! That’s right, it’ll be 3 adults and 2 cats in an RV named Thor… we’re taking this show on the road!

This is NOT just a pleasure cruise, though. This will be a working road trip. Amy will be working on a super-secret project, and Murgio will be cheering her on and will also be working on some projects of their own. But, we want to bring you along! Let’s make this FUN and ENGAGING, shall we? We’ll be documenting this road trip, and will be sharing it on social media along the way.

How can you get involved? We’ve got ideas! Let’s get your business on the map! We’re offering SPONSORSHIP opportunities (who doesn’t love a little business proposition).

We estimate it’s roughly $1.50/mile to keep this trip moving. The money you donate here will help us pay for gas, campsites, and rest for Thor, and just plain survival along the way.

Here’s the deal: you sponsor a mile or multiple miles…. and we’re going to show you and your business some serious love throughout the trip. We’ll be shouting you and your business out via social media, with all sponsors being listed on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Listen, this adventure is happening no matter what, but let’s make it fun, shall we?

Let’s get started by gathering all of the important information!