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EP 9 | Christine McShane – Creating A Compelling Message With Words & Images

In this episode, we sit down with Christine McShane, the owner of Christine McShane Creative to talk about how she married two of her biggest passions: content creation and photography to create one successful business. The year 2020 was a struggle for many, but Christine heard from so many of her clients that they actually had their best year ever.

She shares some tips for business owners on posting on social media, and how to reach your ideal client.

Christine loves what she does, and loves to help business owners create a compelling message with words and images.

This is a must listen episode!

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About Christine McShane – 

Christine McShane is a copywriter, brand photographer, and overall content marketing junkie. She helps businesses attract and pre-qualify their ideal client with genuine and consistent content and brand photos. 

Christine likes to work with small businesses that recognize that the road to revenue is built on relationships. 

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The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W. Bly


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