Why Your Business Needs A Primary Care Attorney with Lisa Sigman

EP 20 | Why Your Business Needs A Primary Care Attorney with Lisa Sigman

In this episode, we talk with Lisa Sigman, co-founder of In The Know Legal, a DIY legal business setting out to provide women business owners with personal and professional legal protection. This show runs the gamut when it comes to topics, but some of the top things that we talk about are why I think that contracts are AWESOME, why DIY legal is the next big thing in the law, specifically when it will work and when it won’t, and some best practices when it comes to protecting yourself and your business.

In The Know Legal offers business and personal legal templates and packaged services to help you navigate all that needs to be done to keep you and your business protected.

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About Lisa Sigman – 

Co-founder Lisa is the Single Parent CEO of In The Know Legal.  A single mom of two beautiful children (and two big dogs!) and a proud member of Gen X, Lisa takes pride in her independence – and her ability to provide for her children.  Lisa started her own firm right after she was sworn into practice – a crazy and exhilarating decision that allowed her to focus on the type of clients and work she wanted.  Now, in her law practice with law partner Erin and here at In The Know, Lisa’s goal is to help women starting and growing their businesses build a solid legal foundation for their business, so they can feel empowered to focus on their strengths and passions, while building the life they want.

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