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🎙️ Time to get that podcast idea OUT of your head and make it a reality!

🎙️ Avoid the mistakes most podcast hosts make when looking to launch their new show! Launch that podcast, all while making a big splash! 

Have you been thinking about launching a podcast? Whether it is for purposes completely unrelated to your business (maybe you love to talk about bubble gum… who knows) or as a nice addition to your business, a podcast is not only fun, but it’s a smart way to communicate with your audience!

We should know, we launched The Business Managers Podcast back in 2021, and we’ve LOVED every second of it. Granted, it’s on hiatus while we do some rebranding, but it’ll be back!

As much as we wanted just to pull the trigger and launch it – we had to admit that there was much about launching a podcast that we simply did not know. So, we took an extensive course and learned to launch it the right way. There was A LOT of work that went into it, but our mentor took us through the entire course, and our launch was a SUCCESS!

We debuted at #82 in the Top 200 Entrepreneurial podcasts and have had some AMAZING guests join us!

Here’s the thing, we know we couldn’t have done that without the support of our mentor, and we want to bring that same energy to our students.

We’re opening enrollment VERY SOON for The Launch Cast™ Academy, a 30-day path to launching your podcast! Included are:

  • Modules to help you with every step of creating and launching your podcast
  • Weekly Q&A calls to answer questions that come up during your pre-launch
  • An exclusive community on Facebook
  • 4 BONUS calls after you launch your podcast to help with any questions that come up post-launch
  • Templates and worksheets to keep you on track
  • Recommendations on tools and equipment for your upcoming podcast
  • Tips & Tricks for making the BIGGEST splash you can when you drop your first episode
  • and much, much more!

How It Works

Click: Click that button above and let’s get GOING!

Get Excited: Not only are you launching a podcast, but it will be ready to go in 30 days!

“With all the moving parts and pieces to manage, they were amazing and supportive. I now have an incredible podcast!”

I would not have known what would have needed to be done without Kelly (and Melissa) supporting me with the launch of my podcast, The Midlife CEO. With all the moving parts and pieces to manage, they were amazing and supportive. I now have an incredible podcast!

Launching a podcast felt insurmountable but we are live, recorded, and have shared many episodes! I am so excited I get to share my message with the world!

It was a worthwhile investment! Thank you again!

Why Us?

We get it, your launch is IMPORTANT, and we recognize that. So, why should you trust your podcast with US?

  • As Online Business Managers, we spend our days helping business owners and their entire team reach the goals of the business, all by ensuring every decision made goes through the filter of the mission and values of the company
  • We’ve launched a podcast before and we’ve perfected what WE learned and we’ll make sure YOU have an AMAZING experience when you launch YOUR podcast
  • We’ve helped DOZENS of entrepreneurs just like you launch THEIR podcasts
  • Bottom line, we want to see you succeed. When you succeed, that means we have done our job
  • We’ll treat your business like it was our own
  • We will make this process as fun and painless as possible!

Got Questions?

We’re Here to Answer Them….

Is this a self-paced course?

It’s designed to be done WITH you. There are modules that you’ll work through on your own, but we will also have weekly calls (4) to make sure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed throughout. 

What is the refund policy? 

We do not offer refunds. 

What if I need to postpone my podcast launch?

Stuff happens. That said, as a BONUS, you also receive 4 POST-launch calls which can be used within 90 days of your original podcast launch date. This is designed to keep you on track. It is our hope that you will launch your podcast within 30 days!

Wait! I have more questions that are not addressed in this FAQ!

Book a free consultation by selecting a time on our calendar to ask your questions about our course.


Email us at and we’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you have.